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Hi Mike,

I had the same probs as you.I built up the complete "BB" but the completed as fig 14-5 was never achieved. I had the same result as you, with the main loogo and flash on view only (no boxes).
I also found errors in the book. I ended up completing a section and then checking it against the download version.
Imar kindly put me in touch with Todd Marks who wrote this part of the book. After a couple of Emails Marks asked me to send my database. He replied that he had received it okay, would check it over and get back to me.

This was months and months ago, I have never heard from him again, despite me reminding him at least two times.

My database was as per the downloaded database. I checked out letter by leter, dot by dot.

I never did get BB to work and I never heard from Marks again.

So if you do work out I would be very pleased to hear from you direct. my email is

Good luck.

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