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Hi Terry

I have totally completed the working site, I'm just putting the finishing touches to it, I have a lot of pictures to add, so taking some time to publish the web, as I said very early on, it was not proofread or tested, the database is, to me, a total false one as only frame1a actuly works, the database is 5 times larger than in the book. The lower 4 Frames now work, but it was hard to figue exactly what was needed. With a little help from Imar as you have read it didnt do it for me, but pointed me where I needed to go. The Site now is more or less totally working, Flash intro has been replaced with my own intro, done through a programme easier than Macromedia flash called SwishMax, which is a download trial version. If you want help, I will try, but remember I am no expect as Imar, but do have a working site!


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