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Hey Deb whats up? I was surfing around on here and I saw your problem. Troubleshooting this stuff can be a pain from time to time. Im not sure exactly what it can be, but it sounds like it could possibly be a password problem... I want to see if you can log into your mysql in windows using the command prompt... If you are using windows xp...Click on start----Accessories--->click on "command prompt." then type this in cd\ then hit enter..your screen should look like this C:\> 1)now type in net start mysql 2) then hit enter... you should again get that c:\> prompt...this time type in right next to the C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysql -h localhost -u bp5am -p then hit enter... a message should pop up asking for your password...type in your password which should be bp5ampass and hit enter...if the password doesn't work you should get a message saying Acess denied for user etc etc... reply back to this board and let me know what happens. As in if you got an error.