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Debbie I think I know what the problem is.... Scratch out what I wrote in the above message... Go into the "command prompt" using the steps I showed you in the post above... once in the command prompt it should display C:> if not type cd\ and hit enter... now it should be C:\> now type c:\mysql\bin\mysql -h localhost -u root -p and hit enter... you must enter the password you created for your root log in password... if you don't know it, it may be bp5ampass as well...but if its not, look in the book and it might show what the password was when going through the steps to set up your mysql... Anyways if you are successful and knew the password you should be logged in now under root as the user (hence the "-u root" part)now your screen should look like this mysql> okay, now the reason you were getting that access denied part was because although you setup a user account in mysql the privileges you gave bp5am were limited you only gave the user bp5am limited privileges such as Select, Insert, and Update... because of this you weren't able to create a new database such as moviesite because you didnt give those privileges when you created the user bp5am...The book kind of screwed up at that part... So what we need to do now is give it those privileges... But I suggest we make a new user... so lets name it "Debbie" because its a nice name. so sense you are logged in as root right now and your screen looks like this mysql> type this in
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES <---hit enter after that
ON *.* <----hit enter after this
TO debbie@localhost <----hit enter after that
IDENTIFIED BY 'enteryourpasswordhere'; <---dont forget to add those ' ' and ; like I did in the example where your password goes... now hit enter...and it should show you a query result or something... now in the php code for createmovie and moviedata change it so it looks like this $connect = mysql_connect ("localhost", "debbie", "passwordgoeshere") and it should work...Good Luck!

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