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thanks for replying. I thought i was totally clear.
I have several text fields\boxes in a form. I want the last text box to display and calculate the total score when scores are entered in the other text boxes. That's it. The data is already submitted to a database when the form is submitted. I just want the total score box to display the total score and be submitted to the database just like all the other data.

I haven an action asp page that submits any data entered into the form to an access database. I just want to know do i write some sort of code into the same action page to calculate the total score.



quote:Originally posted by Dj Kat
 Hi jayman,

It's not really clear wat you want to do to me.
1. What do you want to do with the value's in the input fields.
2. What do you need the database for.

If you want to calculate the total score using only the input fields this is how I would do it.
you will need 2 pages.
1. The form page.
2. The request page with this page you
    - calculate the total score
    - display the total score
    - (optional) save this score to a database.

If I'm completely wrong about your question let me know and and I'll help.

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