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quote:Originally posted by Thearon
 I'm curious what the variables source and des contain? Can you post those? Also are you getting the date from a database?
Dear Thearon,

Des for Destination will be like this (C:\DFB\Story\) i'm getting this from an INI file...

Source will be like this (E:\Images2005\Lebanon\Dec05\Television\0304023599 01-L14014.MPG)

i'll explain to you how i'm getting this source:

lblImgPath.Text = in this case E:\Images2005\ "From CD-Rom"
m_DataDB.Rows(1)("country") in this case = Lebanon "From DataBase"
Mm = Dec05 from the select case...
m_DataDB.Rows(1)("filename") = Television\030402359901-L14014.MPG "From DataBase"

that's how i'm getting the source
so the final shape will as shown below:
Dim source As String = lblImgPath.Text & m_DataDB.Rows(1)("country") & "\" & Mm & "\" & m_DataDB.Rows(1)("filename")

Appreciate your help…

Best Regards,