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i'll explain it with the following seanario:

say i have three pages: login page, home page and a change password page.
both home and change psw pages have a longin status (sorry should be login status not loginview) where you can logout from any of these two pages and therefore taken back to the login page.

when you login using the login page, you are redirected to the Home
page, then say you clicked on the change password page and however you want to logout from that page. the problem is that the system takes you to the login page but with a retunUrl (http://localhost:2513/ECBS/login.asp...ePassword.aspx) that if you log in again, you'll be taken back to the change pssw page.

i hope that explain the problem. what can i do to make the system to login back to the home page whenever someone logout from wherever?

thank you?