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Hi Lucy,

I am really new to this Access VBA stuff.
For starters, the code you posted:

txtAddress.DataBindings.Add("Text", myDv, "Address")
is either VB.NET of C# (it would be identical in both), not VBA. So I assume you're writing a .NET app thats using ADO.NET to connect to Access.

In general, though, its pretty tough to field huge questions about application design in a forum like this without knowing anything about your app: what your UI looks like, your table structure, all that stuff. If you could provide some more detailed info, break things down a little, provide as much code as possible, etc. it might be helpful.

ADO.NET and .NET Windows Forms Databinding are just about never discussed on this forum, however - pretty much VBA, VB, ADO, DAO, the old closed COM universe.

You might try posting to one of the P2P .NET forums or:

for VB.NET

for C#

both real active .NET communities, or try Code Project, probably the best .NET downlaod site around:

though I'd be happy to help you as far as I can if you could provide more info and code.