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OK, its getting clearer but I am still a little confused about what I need.

I am looking at Sun's site and I'm not sure if I should have the J2EE or the J2SE. Is the JDK 1.5 the same thing as the "Java EE 5 SDK"? I don't see a "JDK 1.5", but I do see a "JDK 5.0" which comes with the J2EE package (and also comes with the J2SE package).
I probably will not be using Java Server Pages, I just want to try out a few desktop applications and webpage applets. So I won't need Tomcat, right? But which SDK do I use? I may want my applets to talk to a database, is that possible with applets or do I need .jsp's to do that?

Also, what is "Java Studio Creator"? an IDE?

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