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The problem I had was that when the code was run Visual Studio decided to change my INT OUTPUT parameter into a STRING INPUT.

I have no idea why it did that, as it was declared as <asp:Parameter Direction="Output" Name="ERR" Type="Int32" /> in the source, but when I got to the deleting/deleted events the e.command.parameters had it as a STRING INPUT. I'm still hoping someone has some suggestions for why that was happening.

The way I fixed it was to get hold of the parameter in the deleting(or inserting in your case) event for the datasource and set the parameter type & direction via code.

            SqlParameter outParam = (SqlParameter)e.Command.Parameters["@ERR"];
            outParam.SqlDbType = SqlDbType.Int;
            outParam.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
            e.Command.Parameters["@ERR"] = outParam;

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