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Dear Imar
thank you for your kindly helps. the link was very very usefull and i could learn many things from it and now i don't have the problem again.but another problem is happen unfortunately:(
I have 11 recordsets and in the page it shows 11 records for each item that has the conditions i wrote for.
here is one of the recordsets.would you guide me to fix this problem too:
rs.Source = "SELECT tbUnit.DateOfStart,tbUnit.UnitNo,tbHGInf.UnitNo As Expr3,tbHGInf.HGNo, tbPlan.HGNo AS Expr1, tbHGInf.HGName, tbPlan.HGName AS Expr2, tbHGInf.ActualDeliveryDateToIranCustom1,tbHGInf.Re mark,tbHGInf.CustomsClearance1, tbHGInf.LatestNeeded1, tbHGInf.ManufactureStart1, tbHGInf.ManufactureEnd1, tbHGInf.ActualDeliveryDateFromOrigin1,tbHGInf.Cont ract1, tbHGInf.SiemenseReleaseNote1, tbHGInf.SGSFinalApproval1, tbPlan.SiteWorkshop, tbPlan.Kit, tbPlan.OrderDuration,tbPlan.SManufactureDuration, tbPlan.ReciveIranDuration, tbPlan.PackageDuration, tbPlan.ShamsAbadDuration, tbPlan.SiteDuration FROM tbHGInf INNER JOIN tbPlan ON tbHGInf.HGNo = tbPlan.HGNo AND tbHGInf.HGName = tbPlan.HGName INNER join tbUnit on tbHGInf.UnitNo=tbUnit.UnitNo where (tbPlan.UnitNo='1') and (tbHGInf.UnitNo='25')"

thank you again Mr Imar.your messages always help me to understand new things.

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