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Default Running 97 Access Database in 2003

I have a client who runs his own business and has a database of all his clients on an aeging win 95 machine, we are going to upgrade to a new pc with winxp and probably office 2003 but his old database is in Access 97. Will we be able to open the database in 2003 or will we have to modify it or will we have to start from scratch, i am not a database expert so i m looking for some help.The files for his database are all *.mdb *.mde (please clarify what mde stands for, ithink i know and definately know the resr) and *.mdl) Some of the files are the back end and some are the GUI. Some are in two folders in the root of C:\ and the others are all in two folders on the root of the J:\ (another hard disk partition. also can i merge all these files into one that is easier to manage and all on one drive?

If you need any more info then just say and i will post it otherwise i might me rambling on for no point.

Any help is much appreciated in advance.


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