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Changed the asp block to something like this

Response.Write "<script src=""selectcontact.js""></script>"
 Response.Write "<form>"
 Response.Write "<select name=""contactID"" onchange=""showCustomer(this.value)"">"

 Response.Write "<OPTION Value=""""></OPTION>"

 ' Loop through the recordset and populate the dropdown
 Do Until objRS.EOF = True
  contactID = objRS("contactID").Value
  wlcfsName = objRS("Name").Value

  If contactID = SelectedContactID Then
   Response.Write "<OPTION Value=""" & contactID & """ SELECTED>"
   Response.Write Name
   Response.Write "</OPTION>"
   Response.Write "<OPTION Value=""" & contactID & """>"
   Response.Write Name
   Response.Write "</OPTION>"
  End If