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Default Chapter 8 - Toolbars (tech question)

Hi all,

Not sure whether this question maybe answered later in the book, or in the Professional version which I've also purchased...however..

I have just added a couple of toolbars to a windows form in the exercise in chapter 8 - marvellous - all working as it question though - when you use the menu's that you've added to 'hide' the menus the app still leaves a big grey area for where they would appear if you turn them on. For example - if I was to turn them both off I would have an area about 1 inch thats just grey - and it looks odd.

In MS Word when you add more toolbars doesn't it shuffle the page down a bit? Also - the MS apps have the little 'handle' on the left where you can drag them around a bit - move them onto new lines - are we able to achieve this in VB.Net? It would be handy to have all of the other controls on the page shuffle up if nothing else when a toolbar is 'hidden' - perhaps this isn't the visible = false kinda thing - but is there any other way of achieving it?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.