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Thanks again. Problem solved.

The tilde comes from the provision for a server to consider a file 'server local',
if the file name is preceeded with a tilde.

In my trials and tribulations to get this working, it occurred to me that my
development computer is acting as my own server. Thus, inserting a tilde seemed
like a good thing to try. (Now seen as not necessary of course.)

Yup, forward slashes, backward slashes, always giving me a headache.
I did try both, but the mix of other errors precluded seeing any improvement.

The comma was because at one point I had several files specified for the possibility
of a backwards search to find something -- anything, that would work. I simply forgot
to remove the comma when I documented the problem.

One thing tho:

Your suggestion as shown above still did not work. I had to remove the forward slash in
front of the folder name to get it to work. That is:

Doesn't Work: ...... cursor: url('/images/banana.ani');
Works: ....... cursor: url('images/banana.ani');

Perhaps this is due to a difference: Mac vs. PC or IE6 idiosyncracy.