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Yes you can

make the stored procedure and put all the inserts and updates you want and then call it

this is an example to call stored oracle procedure

Dim DBConn As OracleClient.OracleConnection = New OracleClient.OracleConnection
Dim strConnection As String

'Get connection string from Web.Config
 strConnection = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("ConnectionStrin g")
 DBConn.ConnectionString = strConnection

Dim AdmCom As OracleClient.OracleCommand = New OracleClient.OracleCommand("Procedure_name", DBConn)
AdmCom.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

AdmCom.Parameters().Add("p_first_name_s", Trim(FirstName.Text))
AdmCom.Parameters().Add("p_mid_name_s", Trim(SecondName.Text))
AdmCom.Parameters().Add("p_third_Name_s", Trim(ThirdName.Text))