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I’ve start this project based on my own needs because it would be easier for me to debug something I’ve made than to learn to use something else :D …even if this means to reinvent the wheel, probably. :lol:
During the development I’ve wondered if this would be useful to other people , also…..and this would be anyway, the best method to find bugs, errors…and so on…..

To compare my little project with other DALs it is a little unpossible because:

ADOdb - I'll never be a fun of ADO especially that it is NOT implemented using OOP facilities of PHP 5. :twisted:

PEAR:: DB (or DBX) - it seems to bloated for me ant it is like someone will try to kill a fly with an atomic bomb! :P

PDO - it seems to be promising and I've inspired a little from it's logic. :D

Zend Framework - I don't have anything to say in is not alpha stage, at least.... :?

So, if any of you is wiiling to help me by giving me some suggestions, critics and so on, it will be highly appreciated! :D

PS: Daniel, what is not loading for you????
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