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With all the buzzwords (making them no less important!) floating around JavaScript, it'll be tough to decide what topics to put in, and what to leave out. Maybe, one of your readers can help out. Hold on to your shortpants!

An example:

"JavaScript is: Functional, Object Oriented, Aspect Oriented, Monadic, Curried -
See it all in a great little presentation by Alex Russel, from FOSDEM 2006."
original source:

I don't know what all that meant (Curried? I just had that for lunch!) but it looks important :)

JavaScript just recently seems to be getting the big momentum in the past couple of years. It's been around for over a decade(PJWB, pg.2 :D), but I think the importance of this new-age uber-QBasic has just begun to hit critical awareness beyond script-kiddie language status. I'm sure awareness of AJAX techniques helped tremendously. I'll never underestimate the importance of assigning catchy names to existing, but little known techniques.

I wonder if it's a gauge of language maturity and acceptance that its open source debuggers are getting fancy:

But, look at this...amazing! (Needs Firefox's built-in SVG support)

Any browser, I think: (JavaScript SQL Database - sort of) (nice "Animations")

What's next, practical jokes?

All kidding aside, and to the point of the latter half of this reply, the ability of the browser to act as a server using JavaScript has tremendous possibilities. I could be wrong, but officepoltergeist appears to listen to requests, and responds (all using JavaScript compiled as a module they say). It might make for an interesting chapter, particularly if I could learn to write remotely to a friend's spreadsheet in another browser

Turning the browser into a transceiver (a trouser?) using JavaScript+AJAX+JSON+TrimQuery+InsertYourAcronym.. .would make it a form of direct P2P I, whiteboard, filetransfer, shared IDE for remote XP web programming...etc.

And, to find someone using the browser, maybe their e-mail address would be sufficient? I mean, the mail servers seem to find people without trouble. Can SMTP/POP be tunneled through HTTP from the browser(I don't even know what I'm talking about)? Even if that isn't possible, I'm sure someone might eventually find another way for a browser to talk to a mailserver without requiring the mailserver to have a webserver.

Imagine, no clunky P2P server would be needed to reach out and touch someone. Your mailserver is the "directory" you need. Of course, I'll have to knock politely first before someone will let me in their browser, even when I'm on their white-list.

Wow, where can I buy the book that'll show me how to do all that!

Imagine, a beowulf cluster of smartbrowsers...:D

Would it be too much to ask you to start writing the 3rd edition while you're looking for 2nd edition material?

= 9J =
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