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Default howto convert sybase to sql server db

hi im a noob at db conversion & have never worked on sybase.

i wanted to know howto convert the database from Sybase Adaptive Server 6.x to SQL Server 2000 format including all its queries,triggs etc.(the tables rnt that advanced, so i guess it wudnt be a big trouble). I tried using the Import/Export Utility of SQL Server but i cant find an ODBC Driver for Sybase. Im using WinXP Pro. Do tell me howto install the driver or convert the db to SQL Server

also will it be possible to run SQL Server 2000 & Sybase Adaptive Server Side By Side so that the old core application can continue accessing the sybase database wheres my new vb or application can access both sql server db as well as sybase db coz the older app cant be modified and has other core functions that cant be substituted.