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Default Problem with echo from query result

What am I doing wrong?:

This is a query string in the code looking for the ID,Email, and NickName to whom a message wil be sent within the system/app :

            $tmp_arr = db_arr("SELECT ID, NickName, Email FROM Profiles WHERE ID=".(int)$_POST[caff_id_to]);

 A little later in the code I am trying to change an echo/print from ID to NickName:

 Using the following, the ID echos fine:
           <td width=15%> <?php echo"<b>TO:".$_GET[ID]."<b>"; ?>: </td><td width=85% align=left>

If I use the [NickName] instead, just a blank after TO:

            <td width=15%> <?php echo"<b>TO:".$_GET['NickName']."<b>"; ?>: </td><td width=85% align=left>

Tried to use <?php echo"<b>TO:".$tmp_arr['NickName']."<b>"; ?>
Also, does not work.


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