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Ok, this is the original (i've just put in initials in the form:

Sql is INSERT INTO tbl_Br (BrfName, BrSurname, BrAge, BrStatus, BrEmail, BrPhone, BrTown, BrCountry, BrNational, BrEducation, BrPract, BrWork, BroDesc) VALUES ('N','S','1','Single','E','0','T','GB','N','GCSE', 'Yes','FullTime','PS')

And if it comes from ANOTHER FORM then:

Sql is INSERT INTO tbl_Sr (SrfName, SrSurname, SrAge, SrStatus, SrEmail, SrPhone, SrTown, SrCountry, SrNational, SrEducation, SrPract, SrWork, SroDesc) VALUES ('S1','S2','3','Single','SE','01','ST','GB','SN',' GCSE','Yes','FullTime','Test2')

Hope to hear more...