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I used Sql Server for a few month, and i can understand your intention.
Transac SQL and PL/SQL have a major difference about the execution context. if a transac stored proc could be considered like a "group of sql orders", a pl one should be seen similar to a java external function that is just "inside" the database.
You can notice that when trying for example to execute a ddl statement. In pl you should use "execute immediate" function to "submit" it to the sql engine whereas in transac you can even ask for a restoration by simpling writing the order.

I'm probably not very easy to understand, but i mean you shouldn't think the same way you did with msql.

A pl stored proc (or function) was not natively made to return a resulset. It is now possible, but i am not very "up to date" with pl/sql features. You should look after returning "ref cursor" or "pl table" and return casting with table() function. ( I hope a pl/sql expert will answer you and will be more accurate than i am)

In Oracle, the views are really powerful. They are very used, and you should use a stored proc only when you want to "totally" create a resulset or apply an heavy process to data before getting them.
these occasions should be rare in my opinion....

Hope this help
Oracle DBA / Apave NO France