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Default How to get started; what version to download?

I'm brand new to Java 2 and just started reading the book "Beginning Java 2" (JDK 1.3 Edition). I want to get started on the right foot by downloading the best "development kit." The book tells me to go to http://java/ and download the JDK. When I go to the web site I can't find specifically a "JDK 1.3 Edition." I don't know if I should download a later version or what. Also, I don't know if it should be the standard edition (J2SE) or the enterprise edition (J2EE). On the site, the acronym SDK is used more than JDK. Sorry if these questions sound trivial but, I'll appreciate any help in getting started off on the right foot. What download would be best? Which one would most closely match the book?
Thank you very much!