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I tried another drive, the error was still there. Then I made some changes to the connection, that gave some progress, I got a different error, something to do with the Update statement.

In order to narrow down the possible errors, I replaced the variables in the SQL with actual values and had the variables displayed in a label. The upload and update went allright.

So the problem is with the variables. After the Update the variables are correctly displayed, so they contain the right values. The problem that remains is how to get the variables in the SQL:
The old version:
myCommand.CommandText = "UPDATE tblKPI KPI_URL = " & strPath & " WHERE KPI_ID = " & strID & ";"

This is the commandtext that works:
myCommand.CommandText = "UPDATE tblKPI SET KPI_URL = 'KPI_bestanden\kpi_helaas.aspx' WHERE KPI_ID = 8;"

Any suggestions?


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