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I have found my own solution. Attention all Windows XP customers. If you want to use the ADOX Catalog control to create a new database, you must do the following: 1. Create a folder to put your databases in. 2. Click tools, folder options, and view. 3. The dialog box that will appear when you click view will have a lot of options. Go to the option (usually the last option) of use simple file sharing. Uncheck that box. 4. Then right click the folder where you are going to put your databases and click properties. 5. Unclick the read only property. 6. Then click the security tab. 7. Then click the add button. 8. Click the advanced button. 9. Click the find now button. 10. Click the IUSER_(and whatever your computer name is) choice. 11. Click OK. 12. Click OK. 13. Check the Read & Execute box. 14. Check the write box. Then you are done. Now you can use the ADOX Catalog control successfully.