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I have the same problem. I have spent 3 days looking at forums and have yet to find anyone with the solution to this problem.

The exact problem is that variables are not being passed form one page to another, either by post or sessions on my localhost. A large number of requests have been asked on different forums but no real answers have been given, hoping to get one here.

everyone just gives standard answers like use post and gives and examples , put session ast start of page (i know how to pass variables, I have done it hundreds of timesit works but not on my localhost)

I know how to do this it works on isp host
as do session but not no my local server. I have a number of site that work perfectly with sessions and passing from variables on isps but the same will not work on my localhost.

I have configed session to be on
register globals = off etc

tried adjusting buffer output.

I am using easyphp on a windows xp machine with apache server. I have upgraded php to 5 as I thought that might be the problem but still no fix.

Its as if the varibles are just not being sent. Because I can echo them on one page but when next page is loaded they do not exsist.

I really need help as I cannot develop locally with this continious problem..


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