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This command goes at the top of your page:

Here is the function you use for sending the mail:
<%'VBScript function to send email using CDOSYS
' Usage: sendEmail "", "", "Subject", "Body"
Function sendEmail(address_to, address_from, subject, body)
     'the mail object
     Dim ObjMail
     Set ObjMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
     'mail configuration
     Dim objConfig
     Set objConfig = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
     'replace any line breaks in the mail body with <br> tag for HTML email
     emailBody = Replace(body, chr(10), "<br>")
     'set up the mail server, port etc.
     With objConfig
          .Fields(cdoSendUsingMethod) = cdoSendUsingPort
          'Try Local Machine
          .Fields(cdoSMTPServer) = "someservernamehere" 'change the server name, of course
          .Fields(cdoSMTPServerPort) = 25
          .Fields(cdoSMTPAuthenticate) = cdoBasic
     End With
     'the message
     With objMail
          .Configuration = objConfig
          .From = address_from
          .To = address_to
          .Subject = subject
          .HTMLBody = emailBody 'for sending HTML email
                                '.TextBody = emailBody  'for sending Text only email
     End With
     Set objMail = Nothing
     Set objConfig = Nothing
End Function
Then just call this function like so:

sendEmail EmailToSendTo, EmailToSendFrom, Subject, BodyOfTheEmail

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