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Default Problems with the editor example in ch 10

Hello !

Most of the scipts in the book works ok, but I can not get the editor.php script in ch 10 to work.

The editor menu comes up. Its possible to edit on the screen, but the save function does not work. The only thing that is happening is that the text fields are blanked out. No text are stored. There are no error messages.

I have checked the security and privat tabs on IE. They are on normal.

To be sure it has nothing to do with user rights on the server, I made chmod 777 on all files.

Server Fedora core 2, in my home.

I have some other PHP applications that uploads files to the web server. No problems with them.

I have checked the php.ini file. Cant see any problems.

Still the editor.php scripts in ch 10 is not able to store or upload any text to the web server.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

Best reg Arne.