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Yes, you can.. to do this:

Create the first table that contains the counter type field that you want to start on another number. Don't enter any records.Create a second table, with a single long integer number type field that has the same name as the counter field in the first table. Create a record in the second table by entering a number one less than the number you want to start the counter at in the first table. Create an append query, to append the one record in the second table to the first table, and run it Delete the second table, delete the record that you appended to the first table, and start entering data.

Alternative method:

You can make an Append query that just appends a value from a parameter, to just the auto-number field (as long as no other fields are required), e.g.:

PARAMETERS [Number] Long;
INSERT INTO tblAuto ( intNumber )
SELECT [Number] AS Expr1;

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