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My apologies...frustration....

The problem is with the front end. I developed the application in Access 2002, however in the the 2000 format.

The application works fine, gets, saves and deletes records from a machine with Access 2002 or higher. The issues are run into are when I try and run the app on a machine with Access 2000.

The first error I get is with a combo box. Specifically, I get an error that states "method or property not recognized". This error is in reference to the combo box's add and remove item methods.

I get the same error with a list box.

I am guessing, but I think the problem is with the different references. The machine with Access 2000 has MS Access Objects 9.0 versus Access 2002 has 10.0 and Access 2003 has 11.0, etc.

I tried to copy the MSACC.olb library from my systems Office 10 directory and paste it into a shared folder. After that I tried to add in the reference on the machine with the 2000. The other references I added worked, but I still could not get the MS Access Objects 10.0 reference into the list.

I don't know if that is the issue or what. Is it even possible to add in a library from an newer version of access?

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