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Default HELP!! So close..CH 16 - problem updating BookNews

I've actually got the Publish struts app from chapter 16 up and running. I've gotten to the point where I can add & delete Books and BookNews items. However, I run into problems when attempting to update BookNews items.

After filling out all the fields under BookNewsForm.jsp and I hitting the 'Update' button, I just get a blank page - no errors, just a blank page. I didnt find anything in the Tomcat logs either.

Oddly enough, the URL is stuck at http://localhost:8080/publish/book/news/ after clicking the 'Update' button. I'm guessing the Struts action is not forwarding to appropriate page, even though the struts-config.xml file seems to check out ok.

Any help would be most appreciated. I'm so close to finishing this friggin exercise. Please help :(