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Using my own hastily designed employee table:

INSERT INTO [Employees-Archived]
    ( SSN, [First Name], [Last Name], [Job Title], [Other Stuff] )
SELECT [Employees-Current].SSN,
    [Employees-Current].[First Name],
    [Employees-Current].[Last Name],
    [Employees-Current].[Job Title],
    [Employees-Current].[Other Stuff]
FROM [Employees-Current]
WHERE ((([Employees-Current].SSN)=[SSN?]));

The second part of the task may be to delete the employee you just archived from
the original table:

DELETE [Employees-Current].SSN
FROM [Employees-Current]
WHERE ((([Employees-Current].SSN)=[SSN?]));

You would have to key in the SSN for each query but hopefully you won't have to do
this too often (unless you've got a lot of turnover there).