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Yes, I tried that too. It works in the Visual Studio preview.

However, when I exported the report to PDF format, it did not work. All the fields in header/footer that depended on hidden information in the tables were blank.

Unfortunately, we are required to use the PDF format for our reports, because of the quirk (feature?) in SSRS 2005 that makes HTML format come out wrong if there are overlapping elements. We just can't get away from overlapping elements in our reports.

I have come up with a solution, I think, that will work for me -- the header can apparently accept report parameters. Since the variable information in the header is consistent over an entire report in my case, this will work for me, though it's inconvenient. (Much of the information in the header previously came from just one report parameter, and now I have to send several.)

However, I have another problem. Our reports are required to have totals in the footer of each page. Originally, I tried picking up the data from the (hidden) table footer, and again, it worked in the Visual Studio preview, so I thought I had solved that problem. Much later, when I exported to PDF, I discovered that the footer fields came out blank. (Trust me, you didn't want to be within earshot of me when this discovery was made!)

The totals are required to be group totals -- totals from one of the groups in the table. That means that even if I used a subreport in the footer (which I don't even know will work), I would have to somehow send it the ID of the current group, and I don't know how to do that.

I may have to do something with code, saving the totals in global variables or the like -- but I don't know how to do that. It's a mess.