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Default links in table fields (td)

I know this topic is pure-CSS, but probably is simple enough to find an straight answer from the community.

When I place a link in cells of a table (so, tag td), and I assign them a certain class

<td class="PEPE"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></td>

there are at least 3 css styles that might play some role... they are:

1) a:link a:hover a:visited a:active ....
2) PEPE itself
3) PEPE a:link, PEPE a:hover,..... if they exist (I manually edit the CSS file to write them)

What I would like to know is WHAT CSS style really gains control in each of the following case

loading the html page the first time
placing the cursor on top of the cell (hover)
clicking the cursor (the new window appears.... )
after dimissing the new windows,.... pressing, say, right button of the mouse

I really see (in my case) a mess between the styles 1,2,3 mentioned above.....


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