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Is this a web application?

Regarding the error text:
    I guess you really couldn't have done much different than you did (though the rest of the error text does help to establish context).
    Apparently even Microsoft is reluctant to tell us what the story is, falling back on using just numbers.
    It’s like that ridiculous error message we get when a file can't be found, "File not found." For crying out loud! [u]What</u> file?!? I mean: the OS was just looking for it—by name; would it be [u]so</u> hard for MS to have caused the error message to include the name of the file it was just looking for?
    This irritates me so much that in my code, when I am opening anything, I [u]always</u> add an error handler that actually adds the name of the sought-after resource. (Sorry, just a side rant...)