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Before you invoke this line of code that is raising the error you need to evaluate the path string and make a program flow branch in response to what you find.

Obviously, you have names in your system which are longer than Microsoft anticipated. (I'm on Microsoft's side here—there is no good reason for such lengthy paths. Path names are not meant to be commentary.)

If this is under your control, come up with a way to use shorter paths that still give the necessary isolation of file groups. If it is not under your control you can still make recommendations.

If the path is too long, it is too long. Perhaps you can temporarily create a mapped drive to symbolize a longer path (C:\ThisIsMyLocationForMostOfMySeldomUsedFilesAndO therWork\Ones_I_ReallyNeverUse\ can be turned into T:\). There is a possibility that even mapped drives are turned into fully-qualified paths when they are resolved however. Some experimentation would clarify whether that is so or not.
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