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Hi there,

It looks like you're having trouble hooking up your site to the database. Can I check with you that you have both Visual Web Developer Express and SQL Server Express installed and running?

If so, then can you try the following

- Go to the download for Chapter 3 you got from the wrox website.
- Unzip it into a new directory
- Open VWD, and click File | Open Website
- Navigate to the new WroxUnited directory you created when you unzipped the download and hit OK.
- When the website has been loaded in VWD, press F5 to run the website.
- The site should load correctly.

I've verified this works with both the Chapter 3 single download and the code for chapter 3 in the full book download. You can get both at

If it's still not working, please let me know and we'll go from there.

Thanks, Dan