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Default Chapter 12 - useraccount.php

Starting from the admin page.
I click on user I want to administer.
The "Modify Account" page is displayed.

The form field for name will only display the Admin name, and not the user I am modifying. I know at the top of the page the variables emptied. but for some reason the variable for name is not being assigned the proper value by the array. I tried some echos to see what the variable values were after they were assigned by the array. (echos were after the call to the header.php file. Every other value that is being returned is correct except for the name. I check the MySQL tables and every thing looks correct. I only have one admin, and one user in the db at this time. The only way I can seem to get the form field to display the users name that I am attempting to modify is to change the variable from $name to $uname as follows:

$name = $row['name'];
$uname = $row['name'];

echo htmlspecialchars($uname);
in the input field value setting.

Can someone explain why the variable $name is not being assigned properly by the query? Is the $name variable being somehow overwritten from the session?

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