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Default VB.NET: Convert String and append to Xml files


Say i receive one string full of Xml tags ...

Example: "<Person>John</Person><Item>Pen</Item><Amount>4</Amount>"

How to save and append these tags to my xml files..

They told me to use appendChild method.. maybe i am not quite sure with string....... i save the string two times instead..
I am using VB.NET....

Dim myDoc As New Xml.XmlDocument
Dim myXml As String
myXml = "<Person>John</Person><Item>Pen</Item> _


Dim root As XmlNode = myDoc.DocumentElement

Dim person As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Person")
person.InnerText = John

Dim itemy As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Item")
item.InnerText = pen

Dim amount As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Amount")
amount.InnerText = 4


How to solve this so that it will append to the xml whenever i receive a string...


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