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Hi Joe,

> This is entirely an HTML problem rather than XML. What you need
> to do is show the HTML that is generated and diagnose the problem
> from there.
> Some browsers don't react well to script added after the page has
> initially loaded, you can sometimes get around this by having the #
> script element marked as DEFER. In your case I don't see why the
> JavaScript needs changing though if you're just populating a select
> via XML.

OK, I'll look into these points. Maybe the DEFER option will help me.

What would really help me at this point would be a little example where the XML file is switched by user action. This could be simply two buttons which switch (preferably using javascript) the contents of the XSL display from 'file1' to 'file2'.

If I could get my hands on this example, then it would open a lot of doors to me: I would be able to cut down my XML files into 'bite-size-chunks' and then the user could click and select the XML file that he/she wants to see.

I hope this is possible?

Many thanks.