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Default How to Use Precompiled OBJ

I'm creating one of the biggest project I have undertaken N I'm a newbie, so I need lots of help. Because it's so big, I break it down into multiple parts (multiple projects, 1 DSP for 1 DSW), which I call utilities.
Now I want to use a "Utility", eg MyCustomStringCls, in another project. I have compiled N tested the "utility" so I have the OBJ file already.

Now here are my Q:
1. When I want to use an utility (eg MyCustomStringCls), in VC++, do I need to "Add To Project > Files" the MyCustomStringCls.h and the .CPP?

2. I want to call include with Angle bracket instead of DoubleQuote, do I just need to "Settings > C/C++ tab > Preprocessor" and add the path to "Additional Include directories" ?
I have done this, but everytime I add new method, which returns MyCustomStringCls object, in my new class, VC++ always add new #include with double quote. I'm fighting with it by manually delete that new include.
eg. For the new class, I want to have:
    #include <MyCustomStringCls.h>
    BUT, VC++ always add this:
    #include "..\Prj_MyCustomStringCls\MyCustomStringCls.h"

3. Every time I compile my new Project, it creates the MyCustomStringCls.OBJ and puts it in my new project folder. How do I tell VC++ compiler to skip creating OBJ for particular .H .CPP? And how do I tell linker to use the OBJ from MyCustomStringCls project folder?

Hope I don't confuse anybody. Please Help.