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let me start from the bottom automatically enter data use an insert query
by going to database window,query,design new and open
  then find the type of query and enter (append)
 this is how the query will look like
 u are inserting records in the tbleincome and deductions

in the append from dialog box,enter append to current database,and enter table income and deductions as the table name

in the append what
enter the name of the fields e:g dollar pay for the append from,and beneath it,dollar pay as the append to field.

do likewise for all fields except date(of running payroll)
when u get to date field do the following

 under append what (type expr1:date()
 under append to (type the name of the date field )i:e date.
  under criteria enter date()-30
 what this means is that all records in your income/deductions table will be duplicated where the date is today -30days(lastmonth's record alone)

also the date in the new records will be set to today[date()]fuctions.

please remember on the show table options to show the 2 tables(tbl employee details and income/deductions table)

i have assumed while explainig that u are familaiar with the query design.

 next u will create a command button that when clicked will run the query.

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