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You need to divide the problem into smaller pieces to find out which part is giving you this trouble.

In your code, prior to setting the image, see if you can access the file that you are about to use. If you get the error at that point, then the problem is a file access error.

If you can access the file with no errors, but when you try to point the control at it you get an error, then the control would seem to be the problem (though you could create a small .bmp that everyone has access to, and upon an error with this second part switch to trying to load that all-have-access bitmap to see if that will load fine. If so then the control is OK, the file is OK, but the control does not have the neccessary access to that file that your program [u]does</u> have access to.)

After looking at the individual pieces, and assessing where the problem lies, it will be easier to advise you.
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