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Thanks for working with me on this.

My IIS version is 5.1
My OS is Media Center 2005 sp2
In c:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/Framework/

I have the following folders:

I did the registration of .NET to IIS as to your instructions with the v.2.0.50727, and it still didn't work. So I tried it with v1.1.4322 and nothing worked still.

I do have an index.htm file in the wwwroot folder. And I can also access the virtual directory from the computer I created it with, which is the Media Center 2005 computer.

But when attempting to pull up http://station1/database/ from a network computer that is running Windows XP Pro sp2 (Station2), I get a "Page can't be found". I can go to my workgroup computers and I can see my Media Center 2005 computer (Station1), and can go to the wwwroot folder that way, but by doing it that way, I can't view the asp files correctly.

Is there some permission settings that I do not have correctly on the wwwroot folder? All I have under that is the options for Administrator and Everyone, which they are both set to full permissions.

Under Control Panel - Folder Options - View, I have the Simple File Sharing disabled, per a tutorial I read elsewhere.