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It sounds like you need to create an install package. All components and references that you use in your project also needs to be installed on the target machine.

You can use the VB Package and Deployment wizard (which is an add-in for VB6), or a tool like Wise or InstallShield to do this.

You can also do this by hand using regsvr32.

There are a lot of details you must pay attention to, but it isn't very difficult for a typical small project. There is plenty of info and directions for doing this on the internet. Things can get very complicated on large, enterprise or commercial applications - but for a project like yours it is pretty straightforward.

I am assuming you are working in VB6. If you are working in VB.NET then you can use the similar funtionality provided by Visual Studio.NET - in that case you add a Setup project to your solution and modify it as needed for your specifics.

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