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problem with chapter 15? for eg:
in the manual menus solution, if you try to compile:
Error 1 'System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripMenuItem' does not contain a definition for 'SettingsKey' C:\BOOKS_TUTORIALS_TRAINING_MATERIALS\Programming_ Languages\C_SHARP\wrox_code\578472_Source_Code\578 472_Chapter15\578472_Chapter15\Examples\Manual Menus\Manual Menus\Form1.Designer.cs 81 34 Manual Menus

and there are 19 of this errors.
for the chapter 14 i had to spend some time to correct examples and all of them are working now.
the question i have is:
1' is this a begginers book? if so, how come "begginer" cannot use the exaples w/o funkying with them.
2' could you please go through the examples one by one and try them with VS2005? correct and post new code with a sticky note on the forum ehre or @ lease a note in the forum that will make users aware of it and download the new code.
my $0.02

p.s. most likely, the ch15 examples can be fixed in a little time, but that should be authors job, not the readers :(.
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