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Here is one example using a module within your application:
Module mdlPublic

    '* Declare your structure PUBLIC to your application.
    Public Structure EmployeeInfo
        Dim FirstName As String
        Dim LastName As String
    End Structure

    '* This returns your structure as its return value.
    Public Function fncGetEmployeeInfo() As EmployeeInfo

        '* Create a local reference of your structure.
        Dim EmpInfo As New EmployeeInfo

        '* Here I'm just assigning values, but you
        '* could query a table for this info also
        '* as an example.
        With EmpInfo
            .FirstName = "John"
            .LastName = "Smith"
        End With

        '* Here you return the contents of the
        '* structure to your calling routine.
        fncGetEmployeeInfo = EmpInfo

    End Function

End Module

Best Regards,
Earl Francis
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