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Hi this is Rashmi working with php.Will u pls tell me how i can skip to the first page of my web-site.Actually we hev link in our home page but what i want is that if no click event is generated for the first page then autometically we will move to first page of our site after some time(ex. after 4-5 min)

quote:Originally posted by happygv
 When one want to switch between different languages, where you have all content updated in different languages organised in the folder structure as mentioned in your post, you will have to just redirect to the equivalant page of the other language. That should do. But as I have read a lot on that, it is little difficult in terms of maintenance. Coding for such setup is easy, after which maintenance is a headache as one has to constantly update all versions of language contents in all such folders.

In netcrawler's suggested code, it should work this way. All the file names corresponding to English are prefixed with "e<FILENAME>.ASP". So when one request to change to that version of the page, it redirects to "e<FILENAME>.ASP"

As per my understanding, in your case, you should redirect to "en\<FILENAME.ASP" or "pt\<FILENAME.ASP". Should alter the code a bit, that was posted here.

Hope that helps.

- Vijay G
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