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My issues related to the location of the .PDB when the application is published.

After all the dialogue (which is appreciated) here is what I have FINALLY discovered:

I knew that the .PDB file needed to be included in the project in order to access line number info in the EXCEPTION, but it seems that I have to compile and then manually copy the .PDB to the root application folder (along side forms, etc.) and then set THAT version to "INCLUDE IN PROJECT" ("Copy To Output Directory" property = "Copy Always") in order for the published application to be able to properly access the .PDB debug info.

You're previous suggestions were (100%) correct, it was just a matter of my app not being able to find the debug info.

If you've got a better solution for publishing the .PDB (as this is obviously a work around), bring it on. Otherwise this one is considered closed.

Thanks Woody!

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