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Default Changing Menu made with VB 4 Menu Editor

The Menu has been made in Visual Basic Four. I can't afford VB6.
I used the Menu Editor in VB4 to make the menu. This is a check Register program I am trying to re-write as a windows program. I originally wrote it in DOS. THe 1st menu on the menu Bar says Select Register. The program is capable of having six individual check registers for six different people. After you select a register in the first menu, I need to have the drop down sub menu put your name in place of the slot number 1 thru 6.
____________________Menu Bar Below _______________
Select Register Set-Up Catagory Codes
 Slot No. 1
 Slot No. 2
 Slot No. 3 < Ifyou select this slot, I want your name to show
 Slot No. 4 Instead of Slot No.3 next time you come back to
 Slot No. 5 This Menu!
 Slot No. 6
 Exit Program

How can I do that?

It took me 74 years to get this stupid!
It took me 74 years to get this stupid!
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